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Tricure GRP Fibreglass Topcoat 20kg

Tricure GRP Fibreglass Topcoat 20kg

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Tricure GRP Fibreglass Topcoat 20kg

TriCure is a reliable, cost-effective GRP Roofing System for flat roofing projects. This roofing range has been formulated for roofing, keeping quality and costs in mind.

A contractor’s system, TriCure is a cold-lay, fibreglass GRP liquid roofing system. When laid correctly it will remain watertight and maintenance-free for years.

TriCure Roofing Resin is a competitively priced resin that offers good adhesion and curing times and is viscous enough for flat and vertical surfacing, making it ideal for gulleys.  TriCure Roofing Topcoat comes in a standard Light Grey colour, is easy to apply and offers an optimum surface finish.

TriCure has been laid on domestic homes, extensions, garages, balconies and sheds and is based on Tricel Composites’ 60 years of experience in Fibreglass Roofing.


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